Vocabulary Third Grade Secondary

Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

amused / amusing adj.

bored / boring adj.

depressed / depressing adj.

disappointed / disappointing adj.

excited / exciting adj.

frightened / frightening adj.

interested / interesting adj.

relaxed / relaxing adj.

Phrasal verbs with take

take after (your dad) v.

take (two) away from (four) v.

take back (sth you said) v.

take off = become successful v.

take (sb) on = employ v.

take up (space) v.

take up (a hobby) v.

be taken in (by sb) = be tricked v.

Book words

author n.

character n.

critic n

hero n.

heroine n.

villain n.

digital version n.

hardback n.

paperback n.

blurb n.

chapter n.

cover n.

prologue n.

review n.

summary n.

unit n.

narrative n.

plot n.

setting n.

storyline n.

twist n.

Expressions with sleep

sleepyhead n.

fast asleep adj.

feel sleepy v.

get to sleep easily/quickly v.

get your beauty sleep v.

sleep in v.

sleep on (sth) v.

sleep over (at sb’s house) v.

sleepwalk v.

Phrasal verbs with up

dress up (in good clothes) v.

get up (leave bed in the morning) v.

give up (on a task) v.

look (sth) up (in the dictionary) v.

make up with (sb) = become friends again v.

put up with (sb/sth) = tolerate v.

save up (money) v.

stay up (late) v.

stick up for (sb) = defend v.

take up (a hobby) v.

turn up = arrive somewhere v.

wake up (in the morning) v.


awaken (sb) v.

be tired v.

dream n/v.

feel tired v.

go to bed v.

have a dream v.

have a nap v.

have a nightmare v.

Mind and body

body n.

brain n.

cycle n.

develop v.

eye n.

memory n.

neuron n.

organism n.

process n.

protein n.

relax v.

repair v.

stage n.

unconscious adj.

Linking expressions

as a result


for that reason


what is more

Extreme adjectives

boiling adj.

enormous adj.

exhausted adj.

freezing adj.

huge adj.

impossible adj.

massive adj.

soaking adj.

tiny adj.

Phrasal verbs with out

break out = begin v.

carry out (tests) v.

come out = be published v.

fall out with (sb) = argue v.

find out (sth) = discover v.

leave (sb/sth) out = omit v.

look out = be careful v.

try out (sth new) v.

work out (an answer) v.


anti-road adj.

ex-miner n

international adj.

microclimate n.

overfishing n.

pre-industrial adj.

pro-hunting n.

recycling n.

supermarket n.

underestimate v.

unemployed adj.

World problems

cholera n.

disease n.

flu n.

malaria n.

corruption n.

crime n.

fraud n.

famine n.

flooding n.

poverty n.

starvation n.

hurricane n.

sea level n

tornado n.


battery n.

download v.

gadget n.

handheld adj.

headphones n.

keyboard n.

message n.

player n.

powered by v.

processor n.

rechargeable adj.

screen n.

Phrasal verbs with get

get (a message) across v.

get around (restrictions) v.

get away (from a place) v.

get back = move away v.

get down = move to the ground v.

get into (a new market) v.

get on (a train) v.

get out (of a place) = leave v.

get over (a problem) = recover v.

Recording music

iPod n.

jukebox n.

phonograph n.

record player n.

vinyl record n.

Walkman n.


Celsius (centigrade) n.

centimetre n.

degree n.

Fahrenheit n.

foot n.

gram n.

inch n.

kilogram n.

kilometre n.

metre n.


big adj.

brand new adj.

bright blue adj.

dark green adj.

glass adj.

heavy adj.

huge adj.

light adj.

long adj.

metallic grey adj.

plastic adj.

rectangular adj.

round adj.

small adj.

square adj.

steel adj.

tiny adj.

used adj.

Stage instructions

grin v.

recline v.

shrug v.

sit up v.

wave v.

interrupt v.

laugh v.

reply v.

respond v.

sound desperate v.

Phrasal verbs with off

be cut off = be isolated v.

cut (sb) off = disconnect a call v.

drop (a passenger) off v.

get off (a bus) v.

go off = explode v.

put (sb) off = discourage v.

set off (on a trip/journey) v.

take off = leave the ground v.

tell (sb) off = speak angrily v.

Expressions with make and take

make a meal v.

make a mistake v.

make a plan v.

make (sb) happy v.

make (sb) ill v.

take advice v.

take four hours v.

take (sth) from (another person) v.

take a train v.

take a trip v.

Idiomatic expressions

I haven’t got a clue.

No way.

What do you reckon?

What’s the word on…?

What’s up?

You’re pulling my leg!

give (sb) a hand (with sth)

keep an eye on (sth)

put your foot in it

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