Vocabulary Fourth Grade Secondary

Crime and punishment

arson n.

arsonist n.

commit arson v.

attack n. /v.

attacker n.

forge n.

forger n.

forgery n.

hijack v.

hijacker n.

hijacking n.

kidnap v.

kidnapper n.

kidnapping n.

murder v.

murderer n.

burglar n.

burglary n.

burgle v.

mug v.

mugger n.

mugging n.

pick a pocket v.

pickpocket n.

rob v.

robber n.

robbery n.

shoplift v.

shoplifter n.

shoplifting n.

steal v.

thief (thieves) n.

Physical description

bald adj.

beard n.

chubby adj.

curly adj.

dark adj.

dark-skinned adj.

earrings n.

fair adj.

freckles n.

glasses n.

moustache n.

long adj.

of medium height

overweight adj.

pale adj.

round adj.

scar n.

scruffy adj.

short adj.

skinny adj.

spiky adj.

square adj.

straight adj.

tall adj.

tanned adj.

thin-faced adj.

wavy adj.

well-built adj.

well-dressed adj.

wig n.

Character description

aggressive adj.

argumentative adj.

arrogant adj.

brave adj.

generous adj.

kind-hearted adj.

loyal adj.

narrow-minded adj.

outgoing adj.

reliable adj.

shy adj.

unsociable adj.

Phrasal Verbs: crime

break into (a shop) v.

break out (of a prison)

crack down (on crime) v.

give oneself up = surrender v.

hold (sb) up v.

let (sb) off v.

lock (sb) up v.

pick (sb) up v.

Homonyms and homophones

bow v.

bow n.

bright adj.

can n. /v.

draw n. /v.

fire n. /v.

flour n.

flower n.

general n./adj.

know v.

lie n./v.

patient adj./n

ring n./v.

rock adj./n. -

way n.

weigh v.

well adj./adv./n.

Advertising collocations

carry out research

create a product

design the label

introduce a product

launch an investigation

present an opportunity

promote a product

receive an award

target a person / group

Phrasal Verbs: money

cut back (on spending) v.

dip into (your savings) v.

go up = increase v.

pay (sb) back v.

pay up = pay a bill v.

put (money) aside v.

run up (a bill) v.

splash out (on sth) v.


alive and well

bread and butter

bright and early (to get up bright and early)

clean and tidy

fish and chips

high and low (to search high and low)

hot and cold

hustle and bustle

law and order

peace and quiet

pick and choose

sink or swim (leave sb to sink or swim)

sooner or later

Social issues

air pollution n.

alleys n.

derelict adj.

disease n.

health hazard n.

illiteracy adj.

malnutrition n.

overcrowded adj.

slums n.

squatters n.

undernourished adj.

underprivileged adj.

unemployment n.

unhealthy adj.

Describing buildings

arch n.

attic n.

balcony n.

ceiling n.

column n.

entrance n.

façade n.

roof n.

stained glass n.

stairs n.

wall n.

flat adj.

high adj.

large adj.

low adj.

ornate adj.

plain adj.

sloping adj.

small adj.

brick n

glass n

marble n

slate n

steel n

stone n

wood n


basement n

bathroom n

dining room n

kitchen n

living room n

main bedroom n

spare bedroom n

study n

Phrasal Verbs: telephoning

be tied up = be busy v.

call (sb) back v.

charge up (your battery) v.

get through (to sb) v.

hang up (on sb) v.

hold on = wait v.

put (sb) through v.

top up (your credit) v.

City features

cosmopolitan adj.

facilities n.

nightlife n.

outskirts n.

ring road n.

shopping centre n.

sightseeing n.

suburbs n.

tour n.

traffic jam n.

Award ceremonies

announce the winner

arrive in good time

be nominated for an award

burst into tears

flashes go off

give a round of applause

give a speech

go on the stage

look stunning

pose for the photographers

present an award

sign autographs

walk along the red carpet

Film words

a leading actor n.

a make-up artist n.

a scriptwriter n.

a stunt person n.

a supporting actor n.

an extra n.

clapperboard n.

costume n.

cutting room n.

screenplay n.

soundtrack n.

special effects n.

A film review

convincing adj.

definitely adv.

in my opinion n.

inspiring adj.

interesting adj.

is about

mechanical adj.

portrays v.

rather adv.

realistic adj.

slow-moving adj.

thought-provoking adj.

Phrasal Verbs: success and failure

close down (a business) v.

come off = be successful v.

drop out of (college)v.

fall through = be cancelled v.

get on (in your career) v.

get over (a problem) v.

lose out to (another company) v.

pull (sth) off v.


a golden handshake

be like two peas in a pod

be on the same wavelength

be out of pocket

be snowed under

be tied to your mother’s apron strings

break the bank

cost an arm and a leg

do one’s dirty work

fat cat

get one’s hands dirty

put your foot down

The world of work

- hacer be fired

be given promotion

start at the bottom

work your way up

attend a training course

be hired

do overtime

do shifts

get hired

get promotion

go on a training course

refuse promotion

work overtime

work shifts

bonus n.

flexitime adj.

full-time adj.

holidays n.

part-time adj.

perks n.

Jobs and studies

Art n.

Education n.

Engineering n.

Languages n.

Law n.

Medicine n.

Science n.

Social sciences n.

architect n.

astronomer n.

biologist n.

chemist n.

doctor n.

editor n.

engineer n.

graphic designer n.

historian n.

illustrator n.

judge n.

lawyer n.

market researcher n.

mechanic n.

nurse n.

photographer n.

sociologist n.

solicitor n.

surgeon n.

tourist guide n.

translator n.

apprentice n.

sandwich degree n.

resit exams v.


interview n.

joint degree n.

qualifications n.

skilled adj.

Phrasal Verbs: work

clock in (to work) v.

clock out (of work) v.

fill in (for sb) v.

knock off (from work) v.

set up (a company) v.

sort out (a problem) v.

take over (a company) v.

turn down (a job offer) v.

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