Vocabulary Fifth Grade Secondary


chat v.

climb v.

collect things v.

do sport v.

go out with friends v.

go shopping v.

go to concerts v.

hang out v.

listen to music v.

play computer games v.

read magazines v.

send text messages v.

surf the internet v.

visit internet cafes v.

watch TV v.

Adverbs of frequency

always adv.

never adv.

normally adv.

occasionally adv.

rarely adv.

sometimes adv.

usually adv.

Adjectives and opposites

agreeable / disagreeable adj.

efficient / inefficient adj.

friendly / unfriendly adj.

legal / illegal adj.

literate / illiterate adj.

mature / immature adj.

obedient / disobedient adj.

organised / disorganised adj.

patient / impatient adj.

possible / impossible adj.

rational / irrational adj.

reliable / unreliable adj.

responsible / irresponsible adj.

romantic / unromantic adj.

secure / insecure adj.

Describing people

attractive adj.

average-looking adj.

clever adj.

fashionable adj.

fun adj.

glamorous adj.

handsome adj.

intelligent adj.

plump adj.

short adj.

thin adj.

Describing sports

boring adj.

cheap adj.

difficult adj.

easy adj.

exciting adj.

expensive adj.

mad adj.

popular adj.

risky adj. - arriesgado

safe adj. - seguro


do aerobics v.

do athletics v.

do gymnastics v.

do Pilates v.

do tai chi v.

do yoga v.

go bungee jumping v.

go canoeing v.

go canyoning v.

go coasteering v.

go cycling v.

go riding v.

go rollerblading v.

go running v.

go sand boarding v.

go skateboarding v.

go swimming v.

go zorbing v.

play basketball v.

play cricket v.

play football v.

play handball v.

play hockey v.

play snooker v.

Sports equipment

basket n.

boots n.

clubs n.

net n.

racquet n.

trunks n.

Sports people

fan n.

goalkeeper n.

manager n.

player n.

referee n.

umpire n.

Sports places

course n.

court n.

ground n.

pitch n.

pool n.

track n.

False friends

actually adv.

assist v.

career n.

constipated adj.

discussion n.

eventually adv.

library n.

notice n.

parents n.

record v.

sensible adj.

suburbs n.

success n.

Sports idioms

be in the driving seat adj.

be on the ball adj.

be plain sailing adj.

skate on thin ice v.

surf the internet v.

Travel problems

get lost v.

lose a passport v.

miss a train v.

order the wrong food (in a restaurant) v.

run out of petrol v.

sail away v.

Compound nouns

adventure holiday n.

aircraft n.

airline n.

backpack n.

cellphone n.

daredevil n.

football n.

headphones n.

penknife n.

plane ticket n.

power line n.

powerboat n.

spacecraft n.

spacesuit n.

sunglasses n.

Noun suffixes

community n.

environment n.

explanation n.

optimism n.

scientist n.

technology n.


art teacher n.

film director n.

firefighter n.

lorry driver n.

salesperson n.

shopkeeper n.

street cleaner n.

taxi driver n.

window cleaner n.

Linking words



as well


in addition


what’s more

Book genres

adventure n.

comedy n.

detective n.

historical adj.

horror n.

romance n.

science fiction adj.

suspense adj.

thriller n.

travel n.

war n.

western n.

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