Vocabulary Sixth Grade Secondary

Easily confused words

cliché n.

embarrassed adj.

eventually adv.

experience n.

experiment n.

histories n

incident n.

occasionally adv.

policy n.

politics n.

pregnant adj.

pretend v.

quiet adj.

still adv.

stories n.

success n.

topic n.

try v.

Adjectives: People

attractive adj.

beautiful adj.

boring adj.

busy adj.

difficult to understand

distant adj.

dynamic adj.

energetic adj.

famous adj.

friendly adj.

fun adj.

great adj.

handsome adj.

helpful adj.

kind adj.

lovely adj.

motivating adj.

nice adj.

outgoing adj.

polite adj.

reserved adj.

sociable adj.

trendy adj.

warm adj.

welcoming adj.

well-prepared adj.


Adjectives: Places

chaotic adj.

crowded adj.

expensive adj.

fabulous adj.

fantastic views adj.

fascinating adj.

historic adj.

lively adj.

modern adj.

multi-cultural adj.

not too crowded

quiet adj.

snow-covered adj.

surrounded by fields adj.

Adjectives: Food

bland adj.

brilliant adj.

delicious adj.

not very varied adj.

rich adj.

spicy adj.

tasty adj.


typical adj.

varied adj.

wonderful adj.

Adjectives: Weather

changeable adj.

cloudy adj.

cold adj.

hot adj.

humid adj.

stormy adj.

sunny adj.

warm adj.

wet adj.

windy adj.

Verbs with similar meanings

chatter v.

cry v.

gossip v.

groan v.

scream v.

shout v.

sigh v.

whisper v.

crawl v.

jog v.

limp v.

march v.

rush v.

stroll v.

wander v.

Phrasal Verbs

break down v.

set off v.

sit down v.

drop (sb) off v.

hand (sth) in v.

look (sth) up v.

pick (sth) up v.

put (sth) away v.

put (sth) off v.

put (sth) out v.

turn (sth) off v.

turn (sth) on v.

write (sth) down v.

come across (sth) v.

look after (sb) v.

look for (sth) v.

fall out with (sb) v.

look forward to (sth) v.

put up with (sb) v.


boiling / freezing adj.

buy / sell v.

convenient / inconvenient adj.

decent / indecent adj.

delicious / disgusting adj.

enormous / tiny adj.

entertaining / tedious adj.

fashionable / unfashionable adj.

fresh / stale adj.

friendly / unfriendly adj.

gently / roughly adv.

honest / dishonest adj.

late / on time adj.

lively / exhausted adj.

lost / found adj.

obedient / disobedient adj.

pleasant / unpleasant adj.

pleased / displeased adj.

possible / impossible adj.

practical / impractical adj.

probable / improbable adj.

rational / irrational adj.

relevant / irrelevant adj.

responsible / irresponsible adj.

satisfied / dissatisfied adj.

stunning / ordinary adj.

wonderful / awful adj.


attractive adj.

backwards adv.

careful adj.

careless adj.

comical adj.

criticism n.

dangerous adj.

economist n.

energize v.

entertainment n.

happiness n.

helplessly adv.

information n.

motherhood n.

possibility n.

terrify v.

Adjective suffixes

amazed / amazing adj.

confused / confusing adj.

distracted / distracting adj.

embarrassed / embarrassing adj.

fascinated / fascinating adj.

pleased / pleasing adj.

relaxed / relaxing adj.

surprised / surprising adj.

beautiful adj.

creative adj.

disrupted adj.

disruptive adj.

hopeless adj.

imaginary adj.

repetitive adj.

revolting adj.

revolutionary adj.

revolving adj.

satisfactory adj.

technical adj.

therapeutic adj.

useful adj.

Life goals

a happy family

a social life

a successful career

a university degree n.

children n.

fame n.

home ownership n.

money n.

marriage n.

world travel

Verbs and prepositions

accuse of v.

deprived of v.

apologise for v.

apply for v.

blame for v.

pay for v.

argue with v.

provide with v.

banned from v.

prevent from v.

protect from v.

suffer from v.

be married to v.

explain to v.

listen to v.

speak to v.

believe in v.

participate in v.

succeed in v.

climb up v.

complain about v.

concentrate on v.

congratulate on v.

insist on v.

rely on v.

drive into v.

translate into v.

laugh at v.

Mood collocations

to argue about something

to be bad-tempered

to become angry suddenly

to become less angry

to blow up at somebody

to calm down

to control your emotions

to disagree angrily

to get angry easily

to have an argument

to keep calm

to lose your temper

to make up with somebody

to resolve an argument

to talk things over

Phrasal Verbs: two particles

face up to (a problem) v.

fall out with (sb) v.

get on with (sb) v.

get out of (doing sth) v.

look up to (sb) v.

miss out on (sth) v.

run out of (money) v.

stay out of (a place) v.


as blind as a bat

as cool as a cucumber

as good as gold

as hard as nails

as quiet as a mouse

as red as a beetroot

as strong as an ox

as white as snow

like a dream

like a horse

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