1. Children develop many language skills from conversations at school and at home. The way you respond to your child encourages, or discourages, her from communicating with you. Take some time each day to listen to your child talk about her interests and opinions. We have several worksheets to improve your kids vocabulary. This will improve his communication skills dramatically

2. Read to your child. Even sixth graders love to be read to. Also, encourage independent reading with frequent visits to the library and bookstore. One of the best online reading resourses I know is Reading A-Z. Reading A-Z is where I go myself to download books for my daughter and for my students

3. Travel, museums, hobbies and any new experience that broadens your child’s awareness of the world beyond her home will enhance her language development.

This section features grammar worksheets for parents to download and print for their kids. You can use them for teaching, reinforcement, and review. The worksheets are about:

* to be: affirmative, negative, questions
* subject pronouns and possessive adjectives
* question words
* there is/ there are
* have got
* present simple: affirmative, negative questions, short answers
* personal pronouns
* word order
* adverbs of frequency
* possessive
* present continuous
* present continuous and present simple
* demonstrative pronouns
* present continuous for future use
* countable and uncountable nouns
* expressions of quantity
* can
* was/were
* past simple: regular and irregular verbs
* comparative adjectives
* be going to


Why Work on the Vocabulary of your Elementary School Kids?

Vocabulary is a very important aspect of reading comprehension and strong language skills. Reading comprehension depends upon the meaning readers give words. The more vocabulary words your children know, the better they are able to comprehend. A large vocabulary opens your children up to a wider range of reading materials. A rich vocabulary also improves your kids´ ability to communicate through speaking, listening, and writing.

Researchers have stated that vocabulary deficiencies are a primary cause of academic failure in at school. Further, they found as well that students who were given direct instruction in word meanings were better able to discern the meanings of untaught words than control subjects.

There are many ways to improve the vocabulary of your children such as

*identifying synonyms and antonyms,
*providing examples and nonexamples,
*relating words to one’s own life.

All of these strategies have yielded growth in students’ vocabulary. That is why I am preparing several worksheets to exercise many aspects of vocabulary instruction.

Vocabulary first grade
Vocabulary second grade
Vocabulary third grade
Vocabulary fourth grade
Vocabulary fifth grade
Vocabulary sixth grade


Fact or opinion?

Sometimes it can be very hard to tell whether a statement is a fact or an opinion. One good way to learn the difference between fact and opinion is to study some examples. In the following worksheets you can practise this aspect of reading comprehension. Can you tell which is which?

Fact or Opinion Worksheets Fifth and Sixth Grade
Answers on Fact or Opinion Worksheets Fifth and Sixth Grade