1. Build your confidence

• Try to participate in speaking activities even if you feel embarrassed.
• prepare what you are going to say and use notes.
• Do not try to express ideas that are too complicated. Use simple sentences.
• Do not worry about making mistakes. It is better to make a few mistakes than not to speak at all.

2. Listen to the language you want to learn

• Listening to the language you want to learn will help you to get used to its sound and rhythms.
• Listen to a text and practise reading it aloud.
• Watch films in this language and try to describe them in this language to a friend.

3. Learn useful vocabulary and phrases.

• Learn the basic vocabulary you need to answer questions about yourself, your family and friends, your likes and dislikes and your ambitions.
• Practise with the worksheets and videos you find on Language Worksheets.